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Welcome to Progressive Leathers Limited. We are a specialized ovine skin processor servicing North and South Island meat companies.


Our main products are pickled pelts, wool and wool-on skins which are exported around

the world. 

Established in 2003, Progressive Leathers designed and commissioned a new greenfields plant located in Whakatu, near Hastings on the East Coast of the North Island. This was the first fellmongery constructed in New Zealand for many years. Since then, Progressive Leathers has grown to become one of New Zealand’s leading fellmongeries.


During this time, we have established a reputation as a supplier of the highest quality products. These are delivered consistently to our valued customers, providing assurance and peace of mind.

Contact Us

We welcome your enquiry about any of our products. Please contact us below at:

Progressive Leathers Ltd

PO Box 33
Whakatu 4161
Hawke’s Bay
New Zealand


PHONE +64 6 974 8080
FAX +64 6 974 8090

EMAIL (Sales)

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