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Pickled Sheep Pelts


Run grade

Run grade consists of pelts free of major faults. Minimal light/ flat scarring is acceptable. There are no more than five minor faults in the cutting panel. Heavy rib and extreme mottle is excluded...


Wool-on Salted Skins


PLL processes quality lambskins year round to supply tanneries with suitable raw material for making natural woolskin products such as floor rugs, bedding rugs, car seat covers, double face garments and Ugg boots...



PLL produces a range of consistent quality slipe wool throughout the year. This is tested and independently certified by the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority to enable our customers to purchase with confidence...

Salted Goatskins


These are drum salted and selected into the following grades:


Small          Below 6 sq.ft

Medium       6-7 sq.ft

Large          Over 7 sq.ft


Availability is throughout the year.

Salted Calfskins


These are processed and graded according to internationally recognized standards. Every skin is graded for quality into First, Second or Thirds. The skins are then individually weighed into one of the following categories...

Pickled Lamb Pelts


Run grade

These consist of fault free pelts and pelts with no more than five minor faults in the cutting panel. Particular emphasis is placed on strain. Only strain occurring on the flank on one side, and not impeding onto the main panel, is included. Any strain on both sides goes into the third grade...




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