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Grading table
Pallets ready for shipment

Run grade

These consist of fault free pelts and pelts with no more than five minor faults in the cutting panel. Particular emphasis is placed on strain. Only strain occurring on the flank on one side, and not impeding onto the main panel, is included. Any strain on both sides goes into the third grade.


Run 90                      

Area per pelt:                6.70 – 7.74 sq.ft

Average sq.ft per dozen: 85

Dozen per pallet:            90


Run 100                    

Area per pelt:                7.75 – 8.59 sq.ft

Average sq.ft per dozen: 95

Dozen per pallet:            75


Run 110

Area per pelt:                Over 8.60 sq.ft

Average sq.ft per dozen: 105

Dozen per pallet:            70



Defective run grades are put into Thirds, excluding pinhole and rib, as follows:



Area per pelt:                Below 7.74 sq.ft

Average sq.ft per dozen: 87

Dozen per pallet:            90



Area per pelt:                Over 7.75 sq.ft

Average sq.ft per dozen: 99

Dozen per pallet:            75



  • The average square foot per dozen is an estimated area at the pickle stage. Re-tanning and / or trimming can affect the final out-turn area.

  • Size varies significantly depending on the time of season. Please contact us for a current update.

  • Progressive Leathers does not make a 2B grade.



These are Run grade quality and include light-medium pinhole. All sizes are included.



Blind and light rib, comprising all sizes, is included in this grade.



These include pelts with numerous seed scars over the panel and heavy pinhole. Heavy cockle, rash, dermatitis along with heavy grain / panel strain are also included.


Wet Blue

We are able to supply Wet-blue Lamb pelts upon receipt of a firm forward order. Please contact us for further information.

Pickled Lamb Pelts

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