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Our Process

Pickling Drums


Starting with the raw material, our skins are sourced from prime, free-range livestock grown in New Zealand’s pristine environment. Sound on-farm management practices, supported by careful handling and processing at export certified abattoirs, ensures that skins arrive at our factory in optimal condition.


A vital step in the supply chain is that all skins are washed and cooled in temperature controlled conditions at each abattoir, immediately following slaughter. This removes latent heat from the skin and eliminates downstream quality issues such as loose or damaged grain.


Once received at our fellmongery, each skin is assessed by our team of experienced graders to determine its suitability for either wool-on skins or pickled pelts, where the wool is removed by a chemical depilatory process.


Pelts are processed in conventional wooden drums which retains the natural shape and avoids twisting the pelt which can occur in non-symmetrical drums. Only high quality chemicals are used and our process is optimized to maintain important pelt characteristics for our customers.


This includes consistent substance throughout the belly/ flank area and flat, tight pelts which maximise the usable cutting panel. Grading specifications have been set at the highest level in the industry, something that customers frequently comment upon.


Investment in process technology has given PLL a competitive advantage. The use of three area-measuring machines enables benchmarking of yields from the same drum in real time. This system, supported by customized software similar to that used in NZ’s world class dairy industry, ensures greater consistency in the final product.


During the peak of the season, we operate multiple shifts six days per week and employ up to 90 staff. Our production and technical team has a wealth of leather industry knowledge and experience, yet are always looking for ways to improve the product and process further.


As an environmentally responsible processor, we have also developed an innovative effluent treatment system. Odours are completely eliminated by use of a biological bio-filter while liquid effluent is treated to fully comply with strict local government regulations before being discharged to the local Government effluent treatment plant for further processing.

Pallet Press


Trial drum for Research and Development


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