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PLL processes quality lambskins year round to supply tanneries with suitable raw material for making natural woolskin products such as floor rugs, bedding rugs, car seat covers, double face garments

and Ugg boots.


Lambskins are delivered to our factory under temperature controlled conditions. On arrival they are checked by Quality Control to ensure compliance, then conveyed into a dedicated processing area.


The skins are carefully inspected and selected by our team of experienced graders, before undergoing a comprehensive salting preservation process in rotating stainless steel and wooden drums. Once completed the skins are drained on stillages for 24 hours then palletized in a hydraulic press.


Those skins not suitable for premium wool-on skins are either processed through the fellmongery into Pickled Pelts or sold as Fellmongery grade wool-on skins.




Lamb Rugskins (unshorn)

Specification       Grade          Length                       Wool Length

950                      Run             Over 950mm               55 -100mm

900                      Run             900 – 950mm              55 -100mm

850                      Run             850 – 900mm              50 -100mm

Budget                 2nd               Over 950mm              45 -110mm

Third                    3rd               Over 850mm              45 -110mm


Availability: November to February


Lamb Footwear grade (shorn)

Specification        Grade         Length                       Wool Length

Footwear               Run             Over 950mm              25 – 50mm

Footwear               Run             Over 950mm              15 – 25mm


Availability: March to September




These include all shapes, sizes and wool types. Skins are selected according to type and wool length, packed into the following grades:


Shorn Lamb          0-1”           

Shorn Lamb          1-2”

Shorn Lamb          2-3”

Shorn Lamb          3-4”

Shorn Lamb          4-6”

Woolly Lamb         0-2”

Woolly Lamb         2-4”

Woolly Lamb         4-6”

Sheep                  0-2”

Sheep                  2-4”

Sheep                  4-6”

Natural Black         All-in

Rams                    All-in

Merino                  ¼ - ½”

Merino                  ½ - 1”

Merino                  1-2”

Merino                  2”+



  • Availability is throughout the year but subject to seasonality of supply.

  • The number of skins per pallet may vary at different times of the season due to skin size.

  • Salting removes the moisture content from the skin and will cause it to shrink. However when rehydrated, the skin will return to its original size.



Wool-on Salted Skins

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