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PLL produces a range of consistent quality slipe wool throughout the year. This is tested and independently certified by the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority to enable our customers to purchase with confidence.


PLL has pioneered the development of several new technologies, resulting in superior quality slipe wool, including:


  • Substantially reduced lime content in the depilatory. This has been a source of contamination in traditional fellmongery processing. Being insoluble, lime has been particularly difficult to remove through scouring without damaging the fibre, and has been known to damage equipment in upstream processing such as needle-punching

  • Low iron sulphide content, which although more expensive, has lower wool stain and is easily washed out

  • A new paint spray application system which controls the paint distribution on the skin, targeting those areas which require heavier applications for maximum effectiveness


PLL uses a moderate six hour wool pull process. This uses lower strength chemicals compared to the alternate two hour quick-pull process and is less abrasive on the skin. Skins are placed on flat stainless steel tables and presented to the wool puller only when ready. This enables the wool to be easily removed by the wool puller, free of any skin remnants, thus avoiding wool contamination.


Typical attributes of PLL wool include:


  • Consistent presentation in uniform bale/ lot sizes

  • Good colour and brightness. Less colour degradation and lower grease content compared to shorn fleece wool

  • Low Vegetable Matter (VM) content

  • Uniform fibre length, with fewer double cuts and reduced shorn fibre

  • Consistent mid-micron fibre, typically ranging from 28-36

  • Lower depilatory material, enabling more consistent dying and less fibre breakage/ entanglement in further upstream processing

  • Dryers are fitted with Streats moisture regain control technology for optimal quality out-turn




Certified by the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority


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